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Obtaining goods and services from overseas can reduce costs and improve the bottom line of your company business. But there are many risks involved. In fact, an improperly handled business deal with a product source can lead to lost profits that in extreme cases could harm the company’s ability to operate. But GTC specialized taking the risk behalf of our valuable customers.

Travel time, costs arranging and managing the product or service source can erode any or all cost savings. There may also be dangers to placing staff temporarily or permanently in foreign countries. There are also additional risks associated with doing business outside your normal business culture and environment. Do you know who to deal with and what to expect when talking to a potential sourcing partner in sourcing countries. GTC is committed to provide the highest levels of services as well as providing innovative solutions to meet customers changing transport needs with complete transparency in the most cost-effective manner, thereby building lasting commitment and long-term relationship with its customers, principals and partners.

Therefore, the Goldland Trading Company is the one place where you can believe and better sourcing service provider for you.

Sourcing Products

Sourcing products by checking the specialty of its origin which plays a vital role. As every product has a different specification. Sourcing the right supplier is a challenging job. GTC has an expertise team for the same. Goldland Trading Company can source any product from the right place.

Doing your Product Sourcing properly does several things for you and your business:

- Allows you to earn the highest possible profit margins
- Allows you to be flexible in the products you offer to your potential customers
- Allows you to effectively compete with other Sellers’ prices

Typically, a sourcing project begins with a detailed brief, which will be used to vet and select potential manufacturers. Our team in Colombo brings on-the-ground support and expertise to this selection process, ranging from exploratory discussions and factory inspections to pre-shipment quality control. Suppliers are rarely chosen on price alone: the cheapest is not always the best fit.

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